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Helena Georgiou is an award-winning photographer who has gained international recognition for her exceptional talent and creativity. Born and raised in old town Nicosia, Cyprus, Helena discovered her passion for photography at an early age. She was fascinated by the way photographs could capture and convey emotions, stories, and the beauty of the world around us. Her early experiences in the old town Nicosia provided him with a wealth of inspiration and subject matter that would shape his artistic vision for years to come.


After completing her formal education in Interior Design at University of Nicosia and photography has continued her professional development with online courses at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York) and Harvard Extension School at photography and History of Architecture. Despite her passion as a photographer, Helena enrolling in a Bachelor's degree program in archaeology and history at Open University of Cyprus. 



Over the years, Helena has received numerous awards and accolades for her work. She has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to the field of photography, including the prestigious European Parliament awards(2013, 2016, 2017 & 2018). Her photographs have been featured in galleries and exhibitions around the world, and she has been commissioned by a wide range of clients, including major corporations, magazines.


Helena's photography is characterized by its rich detail, stunning composition, and ability to capture the emotion and essence of his subjects. His subjects range from portraits and architecture to people and cultures from around the world. His work often explores themes of social justice, environmental conservation, and the human experience.
























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