2013 - Award from the European Policy Center (EPC) European parliament,  photo that representative human rights. 

2013 - 3rd award from Cyprus Photographic society.

2013- 2rd and 3rd award from Union occupied municipalities

2013- 2rd award from popular photography magazine

2013- 1rd award from foto4all magazine. 

2014- 2rd award from Camerara Politeia organization

2014 - Commendation from “Youth board of Cyprus”

2014- Special commendation award from S’agapo organization

2014 - 1st award from Union occupied municipalities. 

2016 - Honorable Mention by Monochrome International Awards

2016- 1st award from Ministry of transports, communications and works 

2016 - Special commendation award at Az W Photo Award

2016 - 3rd award at Kykkos water

2016- 1rd award from European Union to the subject my “My city “ 

2016 - 1rd award From Oxford University 

2016- 2rd place award from sigma live (2016)

2017 - 3rd place award from orasis photographic club (category angry feelings)

2017- 1rd & 2rd place award from orasis photographic club (category happiness)

2017 - 1rd & 3rd place award from orasis photographic club (category Love)

2017 - 1rd & 3rd place award from orasis photographic club (category sadness)

2017- Honorable Mention @Monochrome Awards 2016

2017 - Winners of the competition this is my 5 from European Parliament 
2017- Honorable Mention @ New Zealand International Salon 2017

2017- Honorable Mention @ 2nd Atlantic International Photographic Exhibition

2017 - Honorable Mention @ HAP International Digital Salon 

2018- 2018 Sony world Photography Commended Galleries

2018- 1st place #EYE2018 photo contest by European parliament 

2020 - Honorable Mention @Monochrome Awards 2019

Photography award from EPC Brussels
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Award and exhibition at Parliamentarium-
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